Eating in Tagbilaran


Garden Cafe (International Deaf Education Association)
A unique organisation that is helping deaf youth and adults across Bohol to achieve equality in education and employment. While in Bohol, make sure to visit the Garden Cafe (Tagbilaran and Jagna) where staff are almost exclusively deaf.

A little hard to find, but some of the best seafood around.. Choose what you want from their display and then have it cooked for you. It sits right on the water on the edge of Tagbilaran Bay. To find it, go out Graham Ave. past Bohol Tropics (after the ferry pier) and look for a small sign on the left. A small set of stairs leads down to the restaurant.

Golden Place
Want cheap, good Filipino food? This is a slightly more sophisticated version of the Carendaria (local eatery). It usually has our favorite local dish "fish kinilaw". You can find it up a small street next to the Provincial Capital building, opposite the dunkin' donuts complex...

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