About Bohol

Bohol is truly a tropical paradise. Everyone that comes here agrees it is one of the best islands in the Philippines. Small enough maintain a remote feel and big enough to house uncountable secluded beaches, waterfalls, caves, springs and forest paths, (which is why Barkada Tours exists!).

See http://www.bohol.ph/ for all the information you need (and more) on Bohol


  Where is Bohol???

Quick Facts
· 626km south of Manila, in the ‘Visayas’ region of the Philippines
· Main city: Tagbilaran
· Language: Local variation of regionally spoken Visaya, called ‘Boholano’. English and Tagalog are also widely spoken.
· Currency: Filipino Peso (~US$1 = 45php)
· Population: ~1.2million
· Time: 8 hrs ahead of Greenwich Meantime (although everything seems a little slower in the Philippines!)
· International phone code (+63), Philippines area code (038)
· Highest peak 870m
· Main industry is agriculture & fishing

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