The first REAL tour company in Beautiful Bohol...

Bohol is emerging as a premier tourist spot in the Philippines because, well it's fantastic!

There are plenty of people willing to take you to the Chocolate Hills or to see a Tarsier, but there is so so so so so much more to Bohol. But finding and getting to all the great places here can be difficult. That's why Barkada Tours evolved...

All our trips are personalised, so just talk to us about what you want and we will make it happen. Whether it be swimming in waterfalls, visiting remote beaches, exploring Bohol's lush rainforest, sweating it out on a hike, famous sights, fine dining or spectacular views, or just plain chilling out, Barkada Tours can do it. We have grouped our suggested tours into the following categories: Vehicle Tours Motorbike Tours Hiking Tours Mountain Biking Tours

Barkada Scuba 
We can now help you enjoy the underwater world of Bohol as well. Click Click here to find out more...

Barkada Tours gets carbon neutral... Check out how we are helping to save the planet.

The Barkada difference: sites we currently have on the books.

The Barkada Philosophy

  • See what others won’t - we can take you to places most locals don't even know!
  • Small group size - personalised, low-impact service
  • Respect for locals - we wouldn't go into your space unless you were happy with it...
  • Environmental responsibility - we want to look after the place we love (and stay in business)
  • Having fun - "find a job you love and you'll never work". Staff have (almost) as much fun as the customers

Who is 'Barkada Tours'?

Barkada Tours was started because we wanted to give tourists the opportunity to see the real Bohol, the one that we love ourselves. The standard tourist trail in Bohol doesn't do justice to the people, places and atmosphere of Bohol.
Barkada Tours was originally developed by 3 friends in Bohol. But it has since evolved and is now owned by a team of 5.

Marla Reyes, born Cebuana but Boholana at heart, spearhead the operations. She lives the Barkada philosophy. If she isn't busy with organizing the tours, she's out and about enjoying the outdoors or hanging out at the beach with the Bohol barkada. Inspired by her love for good food, Marla came up with the gourmet picnic menus featuring the best of our favorite Filipino on-the-go dishes. For her, your Bohol adventure wouldn't be complete without it.

Scott Thomas Graham+, for whom we owe this brilliant idea, was an Australian who lived and loved Bohol since 2007. He explored firsthand all the destinations we have in offer and designed all the original Barkada Tours suggested itineraries. Due to his extreme passion for nature and adventure, we unfortunately lost him to a caving accident in 31, January 2010. As tribute to Scott, we at Barkada Tours continue to strive to maintain our philosophy of showing you only real Bohol experiences.


What's in a Name?

The word "Barkada" means "close friends" or "mates" in Visaya, the local language. The name captures the concept that customers are treated like a group of friends that have come to stay as our guests – it is our responsibility and pleasure to show them the places that we enjoy ourselves and are proud of. The name is also a combination of Visaya and English. It reflects a belief that the tours should provide the “stuff” that tourists appreciate, while paying homage to the “koan” – the people and places that are here already. It is an integration rather than a dominance.

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